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One of the key focus areas for the GrEEn Incubation and Acceleration programmes is mentoring. Under the GrEEn Mentoring Platform, experts, with a particular emphasis on successful women entrepreneurs, will be linked to recipients of the programmes. Mentors will provide specialised knowledge based on their field of expertise and strong networks.

They Will Support The Entrepreneurs To

Demonstrate and guide entrepreneurs to conduct engaging presentations

Produce credible business and marketing plans

Teach the entrepreneur how to balance positive cash flow and maintain accounts

Support entrepreneurs to find financial backers and getting their products unto the market

Create and sustain relationships with critical partners and networks for scaling

Provide information on material and seminars which may be of use to the entrepreneurs

Provide motivation and access to information to make difficult, business decisions


Meet the experts providing specialised knowledge in various fields of GrEEn

Jonathan Yelevielbayere

Clinton Opoku

Genevieve Parker-Twum

Benjamin Amos

Mentor Name

Mentor Name

Are you an Entrepreneur seeking mentoring support in GrEEn?