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AA Community Spring Water

Amos Arthur (CEO)

Yiwabra Nkwanta, Aowin Municipal, Yiwabra Street, adjacent Community Durbar center

Community Spring Water came into existence in the year 2020 but was legally registered in 2022. In the year 2020, Amos Arthur the CEO was in his final year at the university of energy and natural resource, due to the severity of COVID 19 pandemic, students were asked to go home on a short break. On reaching his hometown, the people in the community were suffering from getting access to portable water due to the activities of small-scale mining of galamsey, also the state provided boreholes which is not sufficient are also not working. It was a terrible situation in the community, so he decided to find solution to this problem. Due to his background in electrical engineering, He started solving this problem using electrical systems and until turned into a water company, due to higher patronage.

The mission of the company is to develop a sustainable water solution giving the infrastructural constraint in the region. The company is into the sales of water to households and commercial users in rural communities. Reservoirs are sited at the highest points of target communities to ensure that the water pumped from the mechanized boreholes reach their intended users. They have installed meters at the water points of access and these measure water from the reservoirs that flow into the access points for use. Therefore, users are charged based on their water consumption in m3. The project has created jobs for plumbers, electrical personnel, tilers and meter readers in areas where we operate. They also make pipe born water available by drilling and mechanizing high yielding boreholes that can provide water all-year round for households and commercial users. They rely on sun energy (solar) to generate electricity to power the system, piping water to wherever it is needed. This solution model has helped to save time wasted in queues to get water. It has also helped to stem the spread of water borne diseases contracted from drinking and using polluted water. 

The ability of AA community spring water to ensure a consistent flow of water, gives them an upper hand over the other competitors. As a company, they prioritize the needs of customers strive to exceed their expectation. They have sold about 20,000 m3 (5,280,000gallons) of water since inception. Our current clients are households in Yiwabra, Yiwabra-Nkwanta and Nyakamam in the Aowin Municipality. They aim to become the leading private water solutions provider in the Western Region.