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Abasi Farms

Amanda Adjeiwaa Adjapong


Abasi Farms is a dedicated agricultural enterprise that specializes in palm oil extraction from palm fruit. Our focus on palm oil production is rooted in our commitment to quality and sustainability. Here’s a brief overview of our operations:

Palm Oil Extraction: We are experts in the art of palm oil extraction. Our process involves careful harvesting and handling of palm fruits to obtain the highest quality palm oil. We use modern and efficient machinery to extract the oil while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Quality Assurance: Quality is a top priority at Abasi Farms. We ensure that our palm oil meets the highest standards for taste, purity, and nutritional value. Our quality assurance practices encompass every step of the production process, from sourcing palm fruit to packaging the final product.

Sustainability: Abasi Farms places a strong emphasis on sustainable farming practices. We work to minimize our environmental impact by implementing responsible land management and resource conservation. Our goal is to maintain the balance between agricultural productivity and environmental health.

Community Engagement: We are deeply connected to the communities where we operate. Abasi Farms actively engages with local residents, creating employment opportunities and contributing to community development. We believe in the importance of uplifting the communities we work with.

Our vision is to continue excelling in palm oil production, expand our reach, and serve as a model for sustainable and ethical farming practices. Abasi Farms is dedicated to providing high-quality palm oil while promoting environmental sustainability and community well-being.