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Adepa AkoGift Enterprise

Gifty Antwi Akowuah (CEO)


Adepa AkoGift Enterprise

It all began when the founder, Gifty’s poultry farm, faced a downturn and she found herself unemployed for an extended period. In response to the increased risks associated with poultry farming, she decided to establish a crop farm. Gifty secured a leased plot of land to cultivate and deliver premium farm products that exceed consumers’ expectations in terms of taste, quality, and freshness. The business is committed to employing sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring responsible resource utilization, and promoting environmental stewardship. Their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement allows them to adapt to market demands while offering a diverse range of flavorful farm products that ignite creativity in the kitchen. Their core activity revolves around producing organic farm products.

Service-wise, Adepa AkoGift provides training to communities and fellow farmers with a strong emphasis on prioritizing customer satisfaction. They actively listen to their customers, seeking to understand their needs and tailor their products and services accordingly. Integrity and ethical conduct are non-negotiable principles for the company, committed to transparency, honesty, and fair business practices. They maintain a safe and inclusive work environment that promotes teamwork, respect, and equal opportunities for all. Their target customers are individuals who share their values and aim to make a positive impact through their purchasing choices. Additionally, they cater to schools, hospitals, and fast-food establishments.

Adepa AkoGift is a green business, utilizing only organic fertilizers on their farms and implementing good farming practices to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. Their eco-friendly environment reflects their commitment to sustainability.

Looking to the future, they have ambitious goals. They plan to start food processing and increase year-round availability of fresh produce by 30% through the implementation of solar irrigation systems on their farmlands and the adoption of innovative farming techniques like vertical farming and intercropping. Their long-term vision includes establishing their storage, warehouse facilities, and factory facilities to add value to their business through food processing. They also aim to increase consumer awareness and support for sustainable agriculture by 25% through educational campaigns, community events, and social media engagement to ensure a lasting impact.