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Afrinooba Enterprise

Augusta Bour Addo

Offinso North

Afrinooba Ent is committed to producing a range of essential cleaning and hygiene products tailored to various markets. Here are some key details about our business:

  1. Product Range: We specialize in the production of bar soaps, including the AB Mini bar and Newlove Mini bar, liquid soap, and Parazone. These products cater to the cleaning and hygiene needs of various sectors, including hospitals, hotels, schools, as well as wholesalers and retailers.

  2. Target Markets: We have a diverse customer base, which includes institutions such as hospitals and schools, the hospitality sector represented by hotels, and distribution channels like wholesalers and retailers. This wide market presence allows us to meet the cleaning and hygiene needs of a broad range of customers.

  3. Key Differentiators: Afrinooba Ent prides itself on two primary strengths. Firstly, our commitment to delivering quality products ensures that our customers receive effective and reliable cleaning solutions. Secondly, we offer competitive and affordable pricing, making our products accessible to a broad customer base.

Our vision for the future is to continue providing quality and affordable cleaning and hygiene products to our customers. If you have any specific goals or achievements you’d like to add to your business profile, please feel free to share.