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AgriCentric Ventures

Gideon Ohenepon No Ba Nyamesen


Ejisu – Low Cost, Ashanti

At AgriCentric Ventures, we are committed to a sustainable agricultural future. Here’s an overview of what we do:

Microbial Culture Technology: We specialize in culturing various types of microbes, such as bacteria and fungi. These microbes are instrumental in extracting phyto-nutrients and organic chemicals from agricultural waste, which we then use to produce essential products like bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticide, and activated biochar.

Soil Remediation Services: Our services extend to soil remediation. We offer on-farm soil pH and fertility tests, ensuring that nutrient-depleted soils are restored to their optimal fertility levels. This approach promotes healthy crop growth and improved agricultural productivity.

Training for Sustainable Farming: We are passionate about empowering smallholder farmers with modern and sustainable farming methods. Through training and educational programs, we equip farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their agricultural practices.

Waste Transformation: We collect various types of agricultural waste and transform them into valuable bio-organic farming inputs. This waste-to-resource approach not only reduces waste but also supports environmentally friendly farming practices.

Community-Based Fertilizer Programme: Through this program, we produce crop-specific bio-fertilizers tailored to the needs of local communities. Our products and services are designed to reduce farmers’ production costs by at least 25% while increasing their yields and incomes by over 30%. We take pride in promoting sustainable farming practices and good environmental stewardship.

Notable Achievements: We are proud to have received recognition for our dedication to sustainability, including awards like the 2019 SEED Low Carbon Awards (finalist), 2019 Jobs for Youth Award, 2019 Youth Innovation Award (Fund), 2020 USAID New Partnerships Incubator, 2022 Green Innovation Challenge Award, and participation in the 2023 Water and Energy for Food Programme.

Our Vision: Our goal is ambitious yet crucial. We aim to establish 100 crop-specific bio-fertilizer production facilities across Ghana in the next four years. This initiative, known as our Community-based Bio-Fertilizer Programme, represents a significant step toward a more sustainable and productive agricultural landscape.

At AgriCentric Ventures, we are dedicated to sustainable agriculture, empowering farmers, and protecting the environment. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that benefit both farmers and the planet. Together, we work towards a more sustainable agricultural future.