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Antanah Joel


Joel Antanah, based in Tarkwa Nsuaem in the Western Region, is the founder of Antanah Farms, a prominent agricultural enterprise specializing in animal husbandry using innovative technologies such as Indigenous Microorganism (IMO), poultry farming, and fish farming.

Antanah Farms has gained a reputation for excellence in three core areas: pig farming, poultry, and fish farming. They have a strong track record of implementing cutting-edge techniques and delivering high-quality products to the market.

A notable feature of their operations is the utilization of Indigenous Microorganism (IMO) technology, which allows them to convert poultry and pig waste into nutrient-rich organic manure for crop production. They are also committed to environmentally friendly practices, incorporating solar energy into their farming operations.

The company has received recognition for its achievements, with Joel Antanah being awarded the title of the Best Fish Farmer in the Western Region in 2020 and the Best Livestock Farmer in the same region in 2022.

Antanah Farms’ ultimate goal is to expand their farming operations and product distribution beyond the Western Region and extend their reach to markets across Ghana and potentially beyond the country’s borders.