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Matilda Stemn (CEO)

Governtment Hill, Bush house,
GF01 and Mile 10, Tarkwa
Asaasepa Naturals
Asaasepa Naturals is a sustainable enterprise that specializes in producing high-quality edible palm oil (Zomi), completely free from Sudan IV dye and other harmful chemicals. Our palm oil is enriched with natural additives that not only enhance its nutritional value but also make it more delectable, all while extending its shelf life. The inception of Asaasepa Naturals stemmed from the inadequacy of approved and healthy palm oil in the market, along with a shortage of flavorful palm oil in supermarkets and shops. We are committed to environmentally friendly practices. For instance, we utilize some of our waste as fuel for palm oil production instead of relying on firewood. We also collect and clean plastic packaging containers for reuse. Our poultry farm employs IMO technology, and we sell the waste from the farm as organic fertilizers to local farmers. Palm fruit bunches are repurposed as manure rather than being burned, and we extract biogas from the liquid waste generated during palm oil production. Additionally, palm kernel shells are sold to other businesses for charcoal production. Our Zomi palm oil is exclusively made from fresh palm nuts and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It has been approved by the FDA. We feed our chickens with high-quality and organic feeds, resulting in the production of superior eggs compared to those available in the market. Asaasepa Naturals caters to a diverse range of customers, including supermarkets, shops, traditional market traders, restaurants, and individuals. Our geographic reach extends to the Western, Central, and Greater Accra regions. What sets us apart is our commitment to enhancing the nutritional value and taste of our palm oil while prolonging its shelf life. We also continuously seek ways to make our operations more environmentally friendly. Over the years, Asaasepa has secured funds from various sources, including the GrEEn Innovation Challenge Fund and the ZidiCircle fund. Our aspiration is to become a household name for edible palm oil, palm products, poultry products, and detergents, supplying to shops and supermarkets in Ghana and expanding to export to other countries.

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