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Ayden Ventures

Rosemond Afua Afful (CEO)




Ayden Ventures is an integrated farm involved in the production of vegetables, catfish culturing, and livestock rearing. The farm grows and sells organic chili peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, beetroot, sweet peppers, and more. The CEO holds a degree in Economics and Sociology from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. She began her career as a professional banker for five years but resigned in 2014 due to a lack of support to manage her children and home. She decided to venture into business to better balance family responsibilities and registered the farming business, even though she had no prior knowledge of farming. In 2016, her farm was chosen as a model farm by SNV (GHANA VEG), and she was assigned a professional agronomist to guide her through modern and sustainable agricultural practices. Currently, she serves as the co-founder and CEO of her farm business, doubling up as the manager. The farm owns a ten-acre land for vegetable production, catfish culturing, and livestock farming. Over the years, the CEO has received entrepreneurial and agronomical training from various incubation and accelerator programs organized by donor-funded agencies. She also mentors and provides market linkages for rural women farmers. Ayden Ventures primarily focuses on B2B transactions, catering to exporters, malls, offtakers, and the local market. Their target audience includes middle and high-income consumers, climate-conscious individuals, health-conscious consumers, and more. Currently, they conduct business within the Western, Ashanti, and Greater Accra regions of Ghana. At Ayden Ventures, goods are sold at farm gate prices, their produce is organic, freshly harvested, available all year round, and the business is environmentally and health-conscious. These factors provide them with a competitive edge over their rivals. The CEO has received several accolades, including the Star Woman Agripreneur in 2022, the Best Adjourning Company award in the same year, the BPC award from SNV GrEEn project, the 1st runner-up as the best municipal farmer, and the title of the best female regional farmer. Ayden Ventures looks forward to obtaining the necessary documents to engage in export activities.

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