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Charlotte Pinamang Berchie

Tarkwa- Tamso

Charlotte Berchie Pinamang, operating in the Western Region’s Tarkwa Nsuaem District, has carved a niche for herself in the domain of mushroom production. Her venture specializes in the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, focusing on sustainable practices and environmentally friendly methods. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects of her business:

Mushroom Cultivation: The core activity of Charlotte’s business is the production of oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms are cultivated using a substrate composed of sawdust, lime powder, rice husk, and wheat husk. This approach is not only effective for mushroom growth but also helps in recycling waste materials, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Organic Fertilizer Production: As a part of their sustainable practices, the business repurposes waste materials generated during mushroom cultivation as organic fertilizer. This aligns with their commitment to minimizing waste and promoting environmental responsibility.

Environmentally Sound Products: The oyster mushrooms produced by Charlotte Berchie Pinamang’s business are known for their quality, health benefits, and nutritional value. These mushrooms are not only environmentally sound but also contribute to the well-being of consumers.

Environmental Friendliness: The production processes and waste management employed by the business are designed to have a minimal environmental footprint. This includes the reuse of waste as organic fertilizer, emphasizing sustainability in all operations.

Achievement: Charlotte Berchie Pinamang’s business has garnered recognition and support, as evidenced by receiving the GrEEn Innovation Challenge Award. This acknowledgment highlights their commitment to innovation and environmentally friendly practices.

Future Goals: The overarching goal of the business is to maximize production efficiency to meet customer demand. By doing so, they aim to contribute to the local economy by creating employment opportunities for the youth in their community.

In summary, Charlotte Berchie Pinamang’s venture is dedicated to mushroom cultivation and the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. By focusing on recycling waste materials, producing high-quality oyster mushrooms, and contributing to their community’s growth, the business exemplifies a commitment to both environmental responsibility and economic development.