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Christaa Agricultural Ventures


Mampong Municipal

Christaa Agricultural Ventures is dedicated to processing cassava into a variety of products, serving both local and international markets. Our product range includes:

  1. Gari: We produce gari in three variants – plain gari, coconut gari mix, and margarine gari mix. These variations offer diverse flavors and options for consumers.

  2. Biscuits: We efficiently process the by-product of starch generated from cassava into biscuits. This innovative approach minimizes waste and maximizes resource utilization.

  3. Cassava Flour: Our cassava processing extends to producing cassava flour, which can be used as a key ingredient in various products, including bread.

Our commitment to cassava processing not only enhances the value of this agricultural staple but also contributes to sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth. We take pride in providing high-quality cassava-based products to meet the demands of our customers.