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Dossah & Dossah Farms

Dorothy Esi Dossah

Diabene/ race Course

At Dossah & Dossah Farms, we have a diverse agricultural operation that combines animal husbandry with crop production. Here’s an overview of our farming activities:

  1. Animal Husbandry: We engage in animal husbandry, which typically includes the breeding, rearing, and management of animals for various purposes. This may involve livestock like cattle, goats, sheep, or poultry. Depending on your specific focus, you may produce meat, dairy, or other animal-related products.

  2. Crop Production: In addition to animal husbandry, we also cultivate a range of crops. These crops can include pawpaw, scented leaves, and dandelion. Each of these crops has its unique characteristics and applications, whether it’s for fresh consumption, processing into products, or medicinal purposes.

The combination of animal husbandry and crop production offers a holistic approach to farming, creating potential synergies in terms of inputs and outputs. It also contributes to a diversified and resilient agricultural operation.

If you have any specific goals, achievements, or aspects of your farm that you’d like to highlight, please feel free to share them.