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FreshLine Post Harvest Solutions

Boadu Torkornoor Wisdom

Akomadan – Ashanti

FreshLine Post Harvest Solutions is a dynamic food processing company with a focus on promoting healthier living through our exceptional products. Our dedication to improving the agricultural landscape is evident in our achievements and aspirations. Here’s an insight into our mission and future goals:

Healthy Food Production: FreshLine Post Harvest Solutions is dedicated to producing nutritious and healthy food products. Our standout offerings include the Akoma Tomato Powder and Akoma Dried Mango Chips. These products are not only delicious but also contribute to healthier lifestyles.

Supporting Smallholder Farmers: We’re proud to provide crucial first-mile post-harvest services, such as packhouse facilities and cold storage, to smallholder farmers in rural communities. By doing so, we significantly reduce farm-level food losses, empower local farmers, and enhance agricultural practices.

Employment Opportunities: FreshLine Post Harvest Solutions creates employment opportunities, making a positive impact on local communities. Our commitment to providing jobs reflects our contribution to economic development.

Innovative Leadership: We have a first-to-market advantage in commercializing tomato powder and Mango Chips for the local market in Ghana. This innovative approach positions us as leaders in our industry, and we continue to explore new frontiers.

District Recognitions: Our contributions to the agricultural and food processing sectors have been acknowledged with prestigious awards. We have been honored as the District Best Agri-business and District Best Food Processor in Offinso North in 2022.

Future Expansion: FreshLine Post Harvest Solutions is on a mission to expand our reach and impact. Our vision is to cover over 5000 farmers annually, providing essential post-harvest services to enhance their livelihoods. We aim to process over 1000 tons of products each year.

Mobile Facilities: To achieve our goals, we plan to utilize mobile facilities that allow us to reach more communities at different times of the year. This innovative approach will enable us to extend our support and services to a wider audience.

At FreshLine Post Harvest Solutions, we are committed to fostering a healthier society, supporting local farmers, and introducing innovative approaches to food processing. We look forward to making a more significant impact as we continue to grow and provide healthier food options to our community.