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We, as a business specializing in the production of organic mushrooms, snails, and vegetables, are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our operations reflect our dedication to green practices, and here’s how we embrace eco-friendly approaches:

  1. Agricultural Waste Recycling: We take agricultural waste and repurpose it for the production of our organic mushrooms. This not only reduces waste but also transforms it into a valuable resource, contributing to a circular economy.

  2. Compost Production: The by-products of our mushroom substrates serve as compost, enriching the soil for cultivating our organic vegetables. This approach ensures that no resources go to waste and supports the production of healthy and sustainable crops.

  3. Upcycling Egg Shells and Food Waste: We creatively upcycle eggshells and excess food waste from vegetables and fruits to feed our snails. This sustainable practice not only reduces waste but also repurposes these materials as a valuable source of nutrition for our snails.

  4. Low-Cost Organic Production: All our products are produced organically, resulting in healthy, environmentally friendly mushrooms, snails, and vegetables. This commitment to organic farming also helps keep production costs low.

In recognition of our dedication to green practices, we received the 2021 Business Plan Competition award. Our future goals align with our commitment to sustainability:

  1. Briquette Charcoal Production: We aim to recycle agricultural waste into briquettes for charcoal, reducing waste and contributing to eco-friendly fuel sources.

  2. Exporting Snails and Cosmetic Production: We plan to expand our operations by exporting snails and extracting slime for cosmetic production, utilizing every part of our snail farming for various purposes.

  3. Mushroom-Based Products: We aspire to process mushrooms into flour for the production of noodles and pasta, showcasing the versatility and value of this nutritious ingredient.

By implementing these goals, we aim to further enhance our green credentials and promote sustainability in agriculture and food production.