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Ginafil Foods & Industries

At Ginafil Food Processing, Hospitality & Entrepreneurial Development Training Industry, we are deeply committed to agro-food processing and natural food production, especially in the fields of natural fruit juice, spices, and pepper sauce. Additionally, we strongly believe in empowering women and youth through entrepreneurial skills training, particularly in hospitality and food processing.

Our business practices are deeply rooted in sustainability. We use recycled glass bottles for packaging our juice, and we take pride in producing our products without any chemical additives. To further minimize our environmental footprint, we’ve implemented rainwater harvesting for all our cleaning activities and repurpose fruit chaff and fibers after juicing for jam production. Additionally, we’re passionate about organic farming, generating organic manure from spoilt fruits, peels, and other domestic organic food waste to support our agriculture efforts. We’ve also found innovative ways to utilize discarded car tires, making them a valuable asset for planting on concrete and tiles.

Furthermore, we’ve adopted a circular approach to waste management. We collect broken bottles for purchase and processing into beads. The waste from shells and heads of dried fish is supplied to poultry farmers for poultry feed, closing the loop by buying poultry droppings to mix with our organic manure production for smart agriculture planting.

In recognition of our dedication and achievements, I’ve received several awards, including the Best Woman Entrepreneur and Trade for SME Ghana 2015, Best Agro Food Processor for Ahantan West District, and Best Agro Food Processor for the Western Region of Ghana during Farmers’ Day celebrations. I also received the Lady of the Region Export Award and had the privilege of being the host company for the SNV OYE project, offering entrepreneurial training for youth and women.

Our goals are ambitious yet clear. We aspire to grow from a small-scale operation to a medium-scale enterprise, eventually expanding to become a large-scale player in the industry. Additionally, we aim to establish training centers to educate more individuals on food processing and farming, transition from small-scale farming to commercial farming activities, and expand our market reach from West Africa to the global market. We also look forward to attracting investors in the future to further our mission of sustainable agro-food production and youth and women empowerment.