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Georgina Odoom


Useful Waste Limited is a solid waste management company that provides innovative waste management services to households and institutions. The business stands out for its creative approach to waste collection and management, aiming to protect the environment through sustainable practices. Here are the key details about the business:

  • Innovative Waste Management: Useful Waste Limited uses discarded car tires as substitutes for traditional plastic waste bins, showcasing a commitment to recycling and landfill waste reduction. The collected waste is segregated, with organic waste processed into organic compost, while general waste is sorted into papers, plastics, tins, and metals and sold to companies as raw materials for production.

  • Green Business Practices: The company’s green credentials are evident in its approach. Repurposing discarded car tires and focusing on waste segregation and recycling, especially for organic waste, aligns with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Additionally, selling waste materials to recycling companies contributes to a circular economy, reducing the demand for new resources.

  • Attracting Environmentally-Conscious Clients: Useful Waste Limited’s unique and eco-friendly approach to waste collection appeals to environmentally-conscious households and institutions seeking reliable and responsible waste disposal services. Their collaboration with recycling companies ensures a consistent revenue stream while actively participating in a circular economy.

  • Recognitions and Awards: The business has received notable recognition and awards, including a cash grant from the EU following the SNV Green Innovative Idea Competition in November 2022. It was also nominated for the Humanitarian Global Award for Best SDG 8 Achievement Award in 2022 and achieved 7th position during Season Four of the Presidential Pitch competition.

Future Goals:

  1. Expansion of Operations: The company plans to expand its operations beyond the regions it currently serves.

  2. Acquisition of Machinery: Useful Waste Limited aims to acquire machinery that will enable the efficient processing of all waste materials.

  3. Achieving Profitability: The goal is to ensure that the business becomes consistently profitable.

  4. Diverse Workforce: Over the next five years, the business aspires to have more than 70% of its workforce consisting of females, young people, and individuals living with disabilities, emphasizing diversity and inclusion.

  5. International Recognition: The company intends to establish international recognition for its waste management efforts, especially by earning awards like the Global Waste Management Awards.