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Gladofkims Ventures

Gladys Oforiwaa Kyei (CEO)

Atonsu Kuwait, Akyeaa Ketewa Street
Gladys Kim;
Gladofkims Ventures 
Gladofkims Ventures

Gladofkims Ventures was established in September 2019 when its founder, Gladys, was posted to the Upper East Region as a newly trained teacher. She decided to collect fabric scraps from local tailors to create bags for students, drawing on her three years of apprenticeship training before attending the training college. She also provided weekend training for some students. With time, Gladys expanded her business to include the creation of both men’s and women’s clothing and incorporated the fabric scraps into beautiful accessories and bags. Gladofkims Ventures aims to provide training in sustainable fashion to youth interested in learning this skill.

One of the notable features that sets Gladofkims Ventures apart is its support for brilliant but needy students by providing them with school bags for each customer’s purchase, which their competitors do not offer. Additionally, the company is committed to sustainable packaging and utilizes paper bags instead of plastic bags for this purpose. Notably, 90% of their employees are women.

Gladofkims Ventures has achieved significant milestones, including an increase in its customer base from 4 customers in 2020 to 75 in 2023, as well as an increase in revenue from GHC 1500 in 2020 to GHC 21,000 in 2022. The company has used its profits to complete a working space and participated in the SNV Green incubation program. They have also provided online training to about 20 individuals on beading and sewing.

Looking forward, Gladofkims Ventures plans to expand its training efforts and explore opportunities for exporting its products beyond Africa, further contributing to skill development and economic growth.