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Lagos Town Takoradi


Goldranch Trading Enterprise is an agribusiness that was founded in 2018 as a cocoa products and food additives exporting company in Takoradi (PT 172 Dr. Ogoo Street Lagos Town Benyiwa Lane Takoradi), Ghana. It is a Ghanaian-owned business, and it seeks to create employment for women and youth, especially within the agribusiness value chain in West Africa, while promoting African food products globally through ethical and sustainable means. By Contributing its quota to the planet Goldranch seeks to promote fair and sustainable trading. Goldranch only supplies products from factories that uphold high-quality food safety standards. Its strategic location enables the facilitation of shipments via the Takoradi Port. As an agribusiness, it seeks to provide premium quality cocoa powders that will promote the health of cocoa consumers by incorporating responsible and sustainable practices and resources in our operations, to protect the environment while creating employment for women. Goldranch Trading Enterprise exports semi-finished cocoa derivatives such as Crushed cocoa bean shells, natural cocoa powder, natural cocoa mass, and natural cocoa butter to chocolate manufacturing companies in Switzerland, Estonia, India, Uruguay, and Spain. Their natural cocoa powder brand which will be processed and packaged under the brand name “STELLAR” will be sold solely by Goldranch to direct consumers in Ghana and exported to other African countries. The niche of the business is chocolate and beverage manufacturers. Their geographic reach is Switzerland, Estonia, India, Spain, Uruguay What makes their cocoa powder unique is the use of natural sweeteners and spices. This will give health-conscious cocoa beverage consumers the luxury of enjoying their delicious cup of cocoa without worrying about sugar spikes. Also, the use of eco-friendly packaging sets them apart from their competitors. Currently, our use of eco-friendly, biodegradable, and reusable packaging will not end up in landfill sites. Cocoa bean shells and husks will be upcycled into varieties of teas, soaps, and packaging materials. Goldranch believes that every employee deserves to have a seat at the table regardless of their religious beliefs, size, or sexual orientation therefore we do not have ‘a one size fits all profile’ for our employees. Transparency: They believe that being transparent with clients and in their operations gives a competitive urge and clients will be more comfortable doing business with them. Soon, Goldranch seeks to establish a GREEN cocoa processing and packaging facility in the Western region of Ghana. The facility will employ the use of environmentally friendly resources and practices to process varieties of cocoa powders for the local market while leveraging the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement to export more finished cocoa products to other African countries. Scaling up will empower the business to provide better working opportunities for women (especially single mothers) and the youth.