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Emmanuel Amponsah

Harmony Agrobusiness Services

Emmanuel Amponsah, based in the Ashanti Region in the Ahafo Ano District, operates a business dedicated to producing certified seedlings for farms, institutions, and the Ghana Forestry Commission. His enterprise provides a range of products and services, focusing on supporting sustainable agriculture, afforestation, land reclamation, and integrated farm management. The key offerings include:

  1. Commercial Seedling Production: The business specializes in producing seedlings of various plant species, including cash crops, shade trees, ornamental plants, and vegetables. These high-quality seedlings are essential for establishing diverse ecosystems.

  2. Forest Plantation Establishment: Emmanuel’s venture plays a significant role in establishing forest plantations. This is a vital contribution to efforts aimed at improving forest cover and mitigating climate change.

  3. Integrated Farm Management Consultancy: The business offers advisory services to support integrated and sustainable farm management practices.

  4. Land Reclamation: Emmanuel’s enterprise is actively involved in land reclamation initiatives, which are crucial for restoring and revitalizing areas affected by degradation and environmental disturbances.

  5. General Farming: Apart from seedling production, the business is involved in general farming activities, contributing to local agricultural production.

  6. Sales of Nursery Inputs: The business provides a range of nursery inputs, including shade nets, poly pots, seeds, and fertilizers.

One remarkable aspect of Emmanuel’s business is its commitment to sustainability. They make efficient use of land by raising and supplying high-quality seedlings, which are the cornerstone of ecosystems. Moreover, they incorporate materials like sawdust, which would otherwise be a source of environmental pollution when burned by sawmillers, into their production processes.

Emmanuel’s enterprise takes pride in being the sole commercial seedling producer in Ghana, offering a one-stop nursery site for a wide variety of plant species. They’ve successfully raised and supplied over a million seedlings in the past three years, which have the capacity to absorb a significant amount of carbon from the environment—approximately 13,000,000 kilograms. This contributes significantly to climate change mitigation.

The business’s ultimate goal is to become a household name in the domain of environmental conservation and afforestation, akin to Zoomlion’s recognition in the field of sanitation. Their focus on sustainable seedling production and contributions to mitigating climate change underline their commitment to a greener, more environmentally conscious Ghana.