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Bogoso, Petepom near Wesley academy
Western region, Bogoso Petepom, WP-0077-7290
Jekda Enterprise

Jekda Enterprise had its beginnings when the founder, a customer care representative at an MTN dealer office, had to quit her job in 2014 to take care of her three-month-old twin boys, as she couldn’t afford to hire a nanny. She ventured into various buying and selling businesses, which did not succeed. As a single mother seeking ways to reduce her daily expenses, she learned how to make soap, a product she used extensively as a nursing mother. After giving out some samples, she noticed a growing interest and decided to turn it into a profitable business in 2019. She researched trends in the soap-making industry and realized the shift from chemically made products to organic ones. She upgraded her skills and established her business.

Jekda Enterprise was founded in 2019 and officially registered as a sole proprietorship business in 2020. It has grown steadily over the past few years from an informal SME into a structured business and has since become the founder’s source of livelihood. This female-owned business manufactures and sells natural, healthy, quality, chemical-free (organic), and accessible personal care and household products. Jekda Enterprise uses only natural and plant-based ingredients, with the main ingredient being natural organic potash derived from cocoa pods husk using traditional methods and a combination of palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and Shea butter.

The business currently produces five different personal care products and four household products, including black soap shower gels and bars, Shea soap for skincare, facial wash for face care, natural hair shampoo, oils, and hair butter for hair care. Household products include laundry detergents like liquid laundry wash, thick bleach, fabric softener, and laundry bar soap with fewer fillers. Jekda Enterprise is working toward acquiring FDA certification for its products.

The company follows a circular business model, reusing waste generated for other purposes in its production processes. It also recycles cocoa pod husks and extracts potash for production. The business efficiently uses resources such as rainwater harvesting and natural energy sources for drying herbs.

Jekda Enterprise’s products are known for their use of plant-based natural ingredients, offering high-quality benefits to the skin and the environment. They are relatively cost-effective due to the low cost of inputs and raw materials for production. Additionally, the business produces its own raw materials, such as potash and coconut oil, to ensure quality. Fresh herbs from their mini organic garden are used to maintain purely natural ingredients without additives, giving them an advantage over competitors. Their products provide the skin with the benefits of natural ingredients, oils, and fragrance, setting them apart in the market.

Jekda Enterprise was founded by Miss Anastasia-Margaret Dzifa Maglo, who holds a certificate in organic soap making from Siyem Ghana School of Soaps and has an NVTI certificate. She completed a six-month business incubation at UMat Hub by SNV Ghana.