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Amadu Sulemana

Atimatim chairman agent junction behind ofo computers

Kozobil Biodigester Construction is an innovative company based in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The primary focus of Kozobil Biodigester Construction is the installation of advanced Anaerobic Digestion (AD) systems. These systems are designed to efficiently process various types of waste, including human waste, food waste, agricultural waste, animal waste, and organic waste from factories. The key innovation is the conversion of these waste materials into biogas, which can be used for cooking and electricity generation.

Additionally, Kozobil Biodigester Construction is deeply committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. They specialize in converting kitchen waste into premium organic fertilizers and producing biochar to enhance soil quality. Their customer base is diverse and includes residential homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, churches, hospitals, and more. Notably, they have successfully implemented installations in several colleges and senior high schools.

The company’s mission is to combat climate-related challenges by significantly reducing emissions of carbon, hydrogen sulfide, and CO2. Their core values revolve around pollution reduction, the provision of clean cooking gas derived from waste sources, and the supply of high-quality organic fertilizers. By choosing Kozobil Biodigester Construction, clients are not only making a wise business decision but also contributing to environmental protection.

Kozobil Biodigester Construction has earned recognition for their achievements, including winning bids for the installation of a wastewater treatment plant at Mampong College of Technical Education. Looking ahead, their goals include further reduction of carbon and methane emissions, the establishment of a sustainable waste-to-energy plant that can supply electricity to local communities, and the creation of additional employment opportunities. Their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly waste management practices positions them as a pioneering force in the field.