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Kwame Lanto Azasime

Kweikumah, Takoradi

Lanto’s Creative Concept, based in the Western Region in Takoradi, specializes in repurposing discarded materials like plastic bottles, gallons, and single-use polythene bags into meaningful art pieces. These artworks are sold to art enthusiasts, corporate organizations, banks, and hospitality agencies. The company has established a partnership with the UK-based art gallery, Gallery LM, to showcase their work in the UK.

In the world of artistry and creativity, Lanto’s Creative Concept shines as a symbol of innovation, skill, and sustainability. This versatile art business excels in various artistic domains, including digital paintings, manual portrait paintings, and the transformative art of upcycling. They breathe new life into discarded materials, providing them with new purpose and meaning as art pieces.

Artistic Products and Services

  1. Manual Portrait Paintings: Lanto’s Creative Concept is known for its mastery of traditional portrait painting. These manual portraits capture the essence and emotions of their subjects, immortalizing cherished memories.

  2. Creative Upcycling: At the heart of the business lies a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Lanto’s Creative Concept sources discarded materials such as reclaimed wood, metal, and textiles, transforming them into captivating art pieces. These creations are not only visually striking but also convey a meaningful message about the potential for renewal and repurposing in a throwaway society.

  3. Digital Paintings: Lanto’s Creative Concept boasts a team of skilled digital artists who bring pixels to life. They craft mesmerizing digital paintings, which often find homes in private collections and commercial spaces.

What sets our business apart is our dedication to collecting discarded materials from our environment and transforming them into beautiful and meaningful art pieces. The uniqueness of our works lies in giving discarded materials a second life through art, showcasing originality, captivating textures, and color schemes.

Lanto’s Creative Concept has achieved notable recognition, including participation in major art exhibits in Denmark, the US (Michigan – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), Ghana (Chalewotey Street Art Festival, ‘This is Ghana’ Trade Fair), and other programs organized by SNV and the European Union Green Sustainability Initiatives. Additionally, LCC has been featured in reputable publications such as Climate Art Collection, TJT World, Face2Face Africa, Ghana Web, and Celebrities Buzz. The company has also received awards and nominations from the Ghana-Nigeria Achievers Awards and the Eminent Awards, and it was awarded the Discovery Business of the Year in 2022 at the Creative Innovation Awards.

Future Goals and Initiatives

  1. Host Exhibitions: Organize exhibitions featuring upcycled art in prominent galleries and museums.

  2. Curate Themed Exhibitions: Create themed exhibitions to emphasize the message of environmental conservation.

  3. Collaborate with Fashion Brands: Partner with fashion brands to use digital copies of original artworks as print designs for their collections.

  4. Collaborate with Real Estate Firms: Collaborate with real estate firms, hotels, and interior designers to enhance their spaces with select artworks.

  5. Run Educational Campaigns: Conduct educational campaigns on the importance of recycling and upcycling.

  6. Offer Workshops: Provide workshops for schools and community groups to teach the value of waste reduction through art.

  7. Implement Eco-Friendly Practices: Introduce eco-friendly and energy-efficient production processes to reduce the carbon footprint. Explore emerging technologies for sustainable art creation, such as 3D printing from recycled materials.