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LeeSpec Foods


Ejura, Ashanti Region

Lydia Owusu-Osafo, CEO of Spec Foods, operates from the Ejura Sekyeredumase district in the Ashanti Region. Her company, Spec Foods, is an agro-processing business with a focus on transforming agricultural products into minimally processed convenience meals for home consumption. They offer a wide range of products that includes maize, wheat, gari, rice, soya bean, and more.

Here are the key features and goals of Spec Foods:

  1. Product Variety: Spec Foods, under the umbrella of Leespec Ent., is involved in the production and processing of a diverse range of agricultural products. This includes cereals, legumes, roots, tuber crops, and pure honey. Their product lineup comprises a variety of options, such as Spec: Tombie, Cereal mix, cereal legume mix, Oats mix, Specvita, Cereal flakes, Hausa koko powder, Gari Mix, Pancake, and Honey. This wide assortment caters to a range of dietary preferences and demands.

  2. Sustainability: Spec Foods employs sustainable practices by utilizing farm residues as compost manure to support crop growth, fostering a closed-loop system that minimizes waste and encourages eco-friendly farming.

  3. Green Business: The company is committed to green practices. They produce most of their raw materials and create products that are naturally made, devoid of artificial additives. Furthermore, their products are hygienically packaged in eco-friendly paper pouches that can be reused and recycled.

  4. Nutrient-Rich and Affordable: Spec Foods’ products are renowned for their high nutritional value, retaining organic nutrients. They are also designed to be affordable, and the company provides discounts to customers. Nationwide delivery is offered for a reasonable fee, ensuring that their products are accessible across the country.

  5. Skills Development: Beyond production, Spec Foods contributes to the community by offering training programs for women and youth in agro-processing, pastries, and soap making. These income-generating activities support livelihoods and empower individuals in the region.

The ultimate goal of Spec Foods is to become a leading provider of agro-foods, catering to client demand for agro products that enhance diets while generating income and opportunities for all parties involved in the agro-processing sector. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and community development makes them a significant contributor to the agro-processing sector in Ghana.