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LOMEL Foods and Catering Services Limited


Behind Africa Hall, KNUST, Buroburo Road, GPS AK 315-2236
LOMEL was registered in 2018 and officially established in 2019, with its origins in my residence at Tech, KNUST. Our primary focus at the outset was food processing, specifically the creation of fruit juices and beverages using highly perishable local fruits from Ghana. These included pineapple juice and various combinations, mango juice, yogurt, tigernut juice, and a local drink called “sobolo” made from hibiscus leaves, among others. Following the disruptions caused by COVID-19 in 2021, we resumed operations and expanded our offerings to include catering services, serving both local and continental meals, as well as pastries, bread, confections, and other items. This expansion led us to relocate to a larger facility at KNUST. LOMEL is a registered food and beverage company led by Ms. Louisa Agartha Manu. We are based in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, serving the needs of students and staff on the KNUST campus. Additionally, we supply juices and beverages to supermarkets within tertiary environments and provide direct meal supply services to students, lecturers, and local institutions. Presently, LOMEL has the capacity to cater to over 500 clients daily. We collaborate with fruit farmers and sellers to acquire seasonal fruits, which we process to create our natural and affordable fruit juices. This sets our products apart from other fruit juices on the market. LOMEL’s ambitions include expanding our distribution of fruit juices to other regions in Ghana and exporting juices, local drinks, and convenient foods to other countries.