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Nelly’s eco farms

Nelly Abigail Mensah

Takoradi Anaji ayensu st 16
Nelly’s farm

At Nelly’s Eco Farms, we’re a poultry farm with a dual focus on producing both high-quality eggs and delicious poultry meat. Our farm not only provides these sought-after products but also plays a crucial role in sustainable agriculture by producing valuable manure as a by-product. Here’s more about what we offer and our future plans:

Our Core Offerings:

  • Quality Poultry Products: We’re proud to offer an array of poultry products, including eggs and meat. Whether you’re looking for fresh eggs for your morning breakfast or savory poultry meat for a hearty meal, we’ve got you covered.

  • Manure Production: As part of our sustainable farming practices, we produce chicken droppings that serve as nutrient-rich manure. We understand the importance of organic and eco-friendly fertilizers for crop cultivation.

Going the Extra Mile:

  • Manure Sales: To support local agriculture and promote eco-friendly farming, we sell our chicken droppings to farmers. These droppings are a valuable source of organic manure, contributing to improved soil quality and crop yields.

  • Convenient Delivery: We understand that convenience is essential for our customers. That’s why we offer delivery services to ensure that you can access our poultry products and manure without hassle.

  • Customized Poultry Preparation: When it comes to poultry meat, we provide a personalized touch. We prepare your chicken just the way you want it, whether that’s in a stew, soup, grilled, or with your preferred seasoning.

Future Plans and Sustainability:

  • Large-Scale Fertilizer Production: We have ambitious plans to expand our fertilizer production. This expansion involves not only producing manure from our poultry but also acquiring droppings from other farmers. We’ll package this organic fertilizer beautifully, featuring our logo, to reach even more agricultural enthusiasts.

  • Diversification: Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond poultry. We plan to diversify our farming operations by venturing into sheep, goat, and maize farming. This diversification not only adds to the variety of products we offer but also contributes to the broader agricultural landscape.

At Nelly’s Eco Farms, we’re not just about poultry; we’re about sustainable agriculture and environmentally conscious practices. Our commitment to providing quality poultry products, offering organic manure for sale, and our plans for expansion and diversification all reflect our dedication to being an eco-friendly and forward-thinking agricultural enterprise.