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Augustine Appiah-Kubi

F.O 422 Atwima-Foase Ashanti
okubi’s farms
Okubi’s Farms is a privately owned agri-business established in 2016. The CEO, Augustine, initially began with the aim of using income from the farm to pay for his school fees, buy textbooks, and cover basic needs like clothing. With the knowledge and skills acquired from various training sessions, he was able to transform it into a real business. Okubi’s Farms specializes in the cultivation of organic ginger and turmeric, interplanted with tree crops like cocoa, addressing deforestation and industrial challenges related to obtaining quality ginger. Okubi’s Farms is located in Atwima Foase, Ashanti Region, Ghana. The mission of Okubi’s Farms is to produce organic food crops that enhance the consumption of safe food for consumers by supplying quality and affordable food crops to ensure food security. The target markets for Okubi’s Farms include restaurants, hotels, street food vendors, schools, ginger, and turmeric processing companies. The vision of Okubi’s Farms is to increase employment opportunities, particularly for youth, reduce soil and environmental pollution, alleviate poverty and hunger, and combat deforestation. What sets Okubi’s Farms apart from its competitors is its commitment to providing quality and affordable produce. In 2021, Okubi’s Farms received an award at the OYE Business Plan Competition under the GrEEn project. The core values of the business encompass accountability, passion, creativity, teamwork, and trust. The future goal of Okubi’s Farms is to produce high-quality organic ginger, turmeric, and related services to meet the requirements and standards of both local and international markets.