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ORS Farms and Trading

Osagyefo Rowell Stephen

Western Region

ORS Farms and Trading is a dynamic agricultural enterprise that focuses on the production and sale of fresh maize. We have a unique approach to maize cultivation, underpinned by innovation and sustainability. Here’s an overview of our enterprise:

  1. Fresh Maize Production: Our primary focus is the cultivation of high-quality fresh maize. We are committed to delivering fresh and nutritious maize to our customers.

  2. Organic Fertilizer: What sets us apart is our innovative use of self-prepared organic fertilizer. We prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility by crafting our own organic fertilizers. This approach ensures that our maize is grown with minimal synthetic chemicals and is safe for consumption.

  3. Innovation: ORS Farms and Trading is at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Our unique approach to organic fertilizers, crop management, and pest control allows us to produce maize efficiently while minimizing environmental impact.

  4. Quality and Nutrition: We take great pride in the quality and nutrition of our maize. By using organic fertilizers and innovative farming techniques, we aim to provide maize that not only tastes great but is also rich in essential nutrients.

  5. Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability is a core value. By reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, we protect the environment, support healthier farming practices, and contribute to food security.

ORS Farms and Trading envisions a future where our innovative approach to maize production sets the standard for sustainable and nutritious agriculture. We aim to expand our reach, provide fresh maize to more consumers, and continue to lead the way in organic farming methods. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability drives our mission to provide fresh, healthy maize to our community.