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Pneuma Food Scientifics (PFS)

Zeenatu Suglo Adams

Pokuase Festus
Pneuma Food Scientifics / Shemah Consult

At PFS, we take pride in offering comprehensive consultancy services to SMEs, with a particular focus on ensuring compliance with both national and international standards. Our mission also extends to creating and providing healthy, instant, and affordable food products. Here’s more about our products, awards, and future goals:

Our Food Product Brands:

  1. SHEMAH: Under the SHEMAH brand, we offer nutritious instant rice porridge, catering to health-conscious individuals. Our rice porridge is designed to be vegan-friendly and gluten-free, aligning with diverse dietary needs. It’s easy to prepare—just add hot water and enjoy a wholesome meal.

  2. FIBRELICIOUS: FIBRELICIOUS is our flagship product range, known for its high fruit fiber meals. We craft these meals from fruit peels, which are processed into edible instant porridge. FIBRELICIOUS products are ready-to-eat, providing a convenient and nutritious option for consumers.

Sustainability and Convenience: Our products are known for their instant preparation. They do not require traditional cooking over a hot stove, making them a convenient choice for individuals with busy lifestyles.

Recognition and Awards: In 2022, we proudly received the “Green Business of the Year” award at the Young Entrepreneurs Awards. This recognition reflects our commitment to environmentally responsible practices and innovative solutions.

Our Future Goals:

  1. Expand Client Base: We aspire to work with more food businesses, both locally and internationally. By doing so, we can offer our expertise in food safety practices and regulations, helping these businesses thrive in the industry.

  2. Innovative Technologies: To stay at the forefront of the food safety field, we plan to implement innovative technologies. These may include automated monitoring systems, blockchain traceability, and AI-powered quality control, ensuring the highest standards in food safety.

  3. Industry Leadership: We aim to be recognized as a go-to resource for food safety expertise. As industry leaders, we’ll provide comprehensive solutions and share valuable thought leadership on food safety practices.

  4. Continuous Improvement: Our commitment to excellence means that we’ll continually evaluate and enhance our own processes. This ensures that we consistently deliver the highest standards of food safety consultancy and manufacturing practices.

At PFS, we’re dedicated to providing not only top-notch consultancy services but also innovative, nutritious, and convenient food products. Our recent award underscores our commitment to sustainability and green business practices, while our future goals highlight our drive to remain at the forefront of the industry.