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Freda Araba Obiri (CEO)

+233 (0) 547 370 336
+233 (0) 502 905 449
PT 38 Kansawrodo, Takoradi P.o. Box Mc 2000 Takoradi, Ghana
Happy Tummy Foods
Happy Tummy Foods
In 2019, Happy Tummy Foods had its humble beginnings in the kitchen of a mom with a very selective baby. Upon searching for a suitable all-in-one baby food on store shelves and not finding one, she embarked on the mission to create a range of wholesome, healthy baby foods. This endeavor ultimately evolved into a beloved brand among babies and parents nationwide. Prestige Organic & Trading (POAT) operates as a value addition business, focusing on enhancing agricultural raw materials by processing a variety of grains and cereals, including millets, wheat, and rice, into finished goods. Our aim is to provide the most nutritious cereals to enhance the health of African children and the adult population within the subregion. POAT is headquartered in Takoradi, with retail agents in various key locations such as Tamale, Kumasi, Obuasi, Anyinam, Accra, Tema, Kasoa, Obuasi, and Cape Coast. As a responsible business, we are highly conscious of our environmental impact, and we have taken innovative measures to ensure that our activities do not harm the environment. These measures include: The use of modern technology, such as a dehydrator, to reduce or prevent carbon emissions. Our dehydrator operates quietly, eliminating noise pollution. We have adopted water storage tanks for our operations, discontinuing the traditional use of running water to preserve this vital resource and protect the environment. Waste products from grain sorting are repurposed to prepare feed for poultry birds and pigs, minimizing waste. Our range of cereal foods produced at POAT includes Multigrain cereal with Almond and Dates (comprising Almond nuts, Dates, Brown Rice, and Wheat), Multigrain cereal with Coconut (containing Coconut, Millet, Sorghum, and Rice), Yellow Corn and Carrot Mix, Rice Beet Powder (with Beetroot, Chia seeds, and Rice), and Rice-Soya Pumpkin Porridge. POAT’s target market includes children and, secondarily, adults. We have successfully secured partnerships with three major supermarkets: America Groceries in Accra, My Brother Super Market, and Grace Sunshine in Takoradi.