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Progal Agro Processing Ltd

Emelia Musah

Offinso – Bonsua
Progal Agro Processing Ltd
Progal Agro Processing Ltd

At Progal Agro Processing Ltd, our focus on cassava farming and processing sets the foundation for a sustainable and environmentally conscious agribusiness. Here’s an overview of our operations:

Cassava Farming and Processing: Our core activities involve cassava farming and the processing of cassava into two key products—Gari and starch. These cassava-derived products have a wide range of culinary and industrial applications.

Organic Farming: We are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. By using organic manure in our cassava cultivation, we ensure the health of our soil, improve crop quality, and contribute to the overall well-being of the environment.

Waste Utilization: We believe in maximizing the utility of resources. Our waste products, which may include cassava peels or other by-products from processing, are provided to other farmers as organic materials. This recycling approach helps minimize waste and promotes efficient resource use within the agricultural community.

Product Variety and Packaging: We offer a diverse range of cassava-based products, and our attention to packaging ensures that these products reach our customers in an attractive and consumer-friendly manner. High-quality packaging can enhance product appeal and shelf life.

Achievements: We’re proud to have received recognition for our efforts, including a laptop from GIZ and a grant from SNV Ghana. These achievements reflect our dedication to excellence and innovation.

International Market Expansion: Our long-term goal is to expand our reach beyond domestic markets and venture into international markets. This vision highlights our ambition for growth and global outreach.

By pursuing environmentally friendly practices, offering a variety of high-quality products, and setting our sights on international markets, we aim to contribute to sustainable agriculture while also advancing our business success.