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Jesse Roland Prah

Anto, Shama District

Jesse Roland Prah is the CEO and founder of Roland Rice, located in the Western Region, specifically in Sekondi. Roland Rice is engaged in various aspects of the local rice industry, including production, aggregation, milling, and packaging. Additionally, they have ventured into processing agricultural waste into pellets for use as an energy source in industrial machinery.

The company’s core activities encompass the entire lifecycle of local rice production, from cultivation to processing, packaging, and marketing.

Roland Rice also leverages their rice husk waste by converting it into pellets for use as an energy source, effectively reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

One of their notable achievements is being awarded the title of the Best Rice Farmer in the Shama District in 2018.

The company’s overarching goal is to produce high-quality locally cultivated rice, aligning with the broader aim of promoting locally sourced and processed agricultural products.