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Laminu issaka

Offinso municipal Ashanti region.
Romilla farms
Romilla farms

Issaka Laminu, operating under the business name Romilla Farms, is an agricultural venture located in the Ashanti Region, specifically in the Offinso District. Romilla Farms is a multifaceted enterprise engaged in various aspects of fish farming and aquaculture. Their services encompass fish breeding, fish farming, training, feed formulation, and general consultancy services.

From its inception, Romilla Farms has been on a green journey, prioritizing eco-friendly and sustainable practices. They have a strong commitment to green farming by avoiding the use of antibiotics in their breeding processes. This approach ensures that the fish seed they produce is purely organic, contributing to environmental preservation and sustainability. The company is dedicated to environmental friendliness and endeavors to minimize water usage, further enhancing their eco-conscious initiatives.

One of the standout features of Romilla Farms is their ability to provide organic, antibiotic-free fingerlings, setting them apart from competitors in the industry. They prioritize after-sales service as a key component of their business, ensuring that customers receive ongoing support and guidance.

The hard work and dedication of Romilla Farms have earned them recognition and accolades. They were awarded the title of the Regional Best Fish Breeder in 2013 and National Best Fish Breeder in 2015. These awards were granted based on the esteemed National Aquaculture or Fisheries Database of Ghana.

Looking to the future, Romilla Farms has ambitious plans. They aim to establish themselves as a model farm capable of producing high-quality locally extruded feed for the market. Additionally, they aspire to significantly increase their seed production capacity from 500,000 to an impressive 3,000,000. These goals reflect their commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly, and high-quality aquaculture practices, solidifying their position as a leader in the field.