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Shaibu 22 Enterprise

Shaibu yahaya

Box 90 Ejura
Ejura sekyedumase municipal
Shaibu 22 Enterprise

Shaibu 22 Enterprise specializes in the manufacturing of mosquito repellent products and essential oils derived from lemongrass and Citronella essential oil. Additionally, they produce lemongrass tea and various other related products.

Here’s a summary of Shaibu 22 Enterprise’s key features and objectives:

  1. Mosquito Repellent: The primary focus of the enterprise is the production of mosquito repellent products. These products serve the essential purpose of reducing mosquito species and protecting both humans and animals from mosquito-borne diseases. Their mosquito repellent offerings contribute to creating a healthier living environment.

  2. Quality Herbs: The consistent quality of herbs is a fundamental aspect of their products. By maintaining high-quality standards, they have achieved customer satisfaction and trust. This reflects their commitment to delivering effective and reliable mosquito repellent and related items.

  3. Local Testing: Prior to market release, their products have undergone rigorous local testing. This process helps in fine-tuning product performance and ensuring that the customer satisfaction level meets the standards set by Shaibu 22 Enterprise.

  4. Achievement: The enterprise has received recognition and support from various organizations. Specifically, they were awarded a grant of 40,000 Ghana cedis by SNV and UNCDF as part of the cash-for-work initiative, which is aimed at boosting productivity and contributing to their mission.

  5. Sales Goal: One of their immediate goals is to achieve a sales target of GHc 100,000 during the first year of operation. This reflects their ambition to expand their presence in the market and serve more customers with their mosquito repellent and related products.

Shaibu 22 Enterprise plays a vital role in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases by providing effective mosquito repellent solutions. They are dedicated to delivering quality products while setting ambitious goals for growth and expansion in the marketplace.