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Shaneeya snails farm

Hassana Arthur

Akumadan( Ashanti Region)
Shaneeya snails farm

I am the founder of Shaneeya Snails Farm, and we are proud to be a green enterprise focused on snail farming. Our business model is based on sustainability and eco-friendliness. We rear and sell live snails, produce snail feed, and provide training and consultancy services. Here are some of the eco-friendly practices we follow:

  1. Plastic Waste Utilization: We use plastic waste in building our pens and greenhouses. This not only helps in recycling plastic but also provides durable infrastructure for our snail farming.

  2. Egg Shell Upcycling: We creatively upcycle eggshells to prepare snail feed. This reduces waste and repurposes eggshells as a valuable resource.

  3. Food Waste Recycling: Instead of allowing food waste to end up in landfills, we use it as feed for our snails. This sustainable practice minimizes waste and provides a cost-effective feeding solution.

  4. Cocoyam and Plantain Farming: We grow cocoyam and plantain in our greenhouse, creating a multi-purpose and resource-efficient farming environment.

Our snails are produced organically in a greenhouse, which reduces mortality and ensures a controlled environment for optimal growth. The snails feed within the natural ecology of the greenhouse, resulting in lower feeding costs and higher production.

Our future goals include expanding our operations to export snails and extract snail slime for cosmetic production. We also aim to become a leading center for training and mentoring entrepreneurs in the snail farming business. By sharing our knowledge and sustainable practices, we hope to contribute to the growth of this industry while promoting eco-conscious farming methods.