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Hannah Okwesie (CEO)



SolAce Energy Solutions Ltd was established in September 2019. We are located at C20 Kofi Annan RDWS-247-2697H/N49/8, opposite the old Ghana Commercial Bank Takoradi, near the NIB Bank Takoradi. Our CEO, Hannah Okwesie, used to work for a solar company but resigned. She was unemployed for a while until her father-in-law called for her help with a solar installation at his house. She went to assist with the installation, which was a success. Afterwards, her in-law recommended her to others, and before she knew it, she was in business. We are a privately owned business that specializes in the installation and sale of solar energy systems for farms, homes, schools, hospitals, and more. We offer consultation and training services. Our mission is to provide our customers with value for money and to sell quality energy to the world at large. Currently, our company operates in the western region and other regions of the country. What sets us apart from our competitors is the quality and loyalty in our service delivery. We prioritize strong customer relationships, accuracy, and value for money. In the future, SolAce Energy Solutions aims to procure the best solar products at affordable prices for our customers and to help reduce the lack of electricity in rural areas. We also have aspirations to expand our services beyond the shores of Ghana. We offer sales and installation of solar energy systems and electrical engineering services, including solar inverters, solar panels, solar batteries, solar changeovers, controllers, battery chargers, DC cables, solar floodlights, solar lamps, solar touch, solar radios, rechargeable bulbs, solar fans, solar generators, solar water heaters, solar street lights, and solar body sensors. Anything related to solar energy and renewable energy, we are ready to serve YOU even better. Despite being a young business, SolAce Energy has achieved successes, including installations for companies such as Megaforce Security, the Commodore of Ghana Navy, commanders, lecturers, and other homes. We received an award at the 2022 Startup Takoradi competition organized by Duapa HUB and qualified for cohort 5 of the SNV GrEEn Incubation Programme, though we are yet to graduate. SolAce Energy Solutions practices environmentally friendly methods that protect against global warming, noise pollution, and fumes. We do not produce unrecyclable waste, as everything related to solar can be recycled to create other products. This approach makes our solar business exceptionally green. Our competitive advantage lies in our proactive services, prompt delivery, and unwavering dedication to customer needs.