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Suzzywills Ventures

Susana Doku

Prestea-Huni Valley

At Suzzywills Ventures, we’ve adopted an innovative approach to create a unique line of products using oyster mushrooms and rare plant species. Here’s an overview of our business:

  1. Oyster Mushroom Bread: Our standout product is oyster mushroom bread. By incorporating oyster mushrooms into our bread, we offer a distinctive and nutritious option to consumers. Oyster mushrooms are known for their unique texture and flavor, and they can add a delightful twist to traditional bread recipes. This product caters to health-conscious individuals looking for alternative and nutritious food options.

  2. Ointments and Liquid Soaps from Rare Plant Species: In addition to oyster mushroom bread, we utilize rare plant species to produce ointments and liquid soaps. These products offer natural and potentially unique benefits that cater to specific consumer preferences and needs. The use of rare plant species can set us apart in terms of both product diversity and potential health and skincare advantages.

Our vision for Suzzywills Ventures is to continue exploring innovative ways to incorporate these natural ingredients into various products. We aim to provide consumers with nutritious and eco-friendly food options while also offering skincare and personal care solutions that harness the potential of rare plant species. If you have specific goals or achievements you’d like to highlight for your business, please feel free to share them.