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Tahir field recycling


Kubease-sekyere juaben

At Tahir Field Recycling, we specialize in the production of engine oils and diesel products. We take great pride in adopting a green technology approach that not only ensures the high quality of our products but also focuses on environmental protection and resource preservation.

Environmentally Conscious Production: We are committed to protecting the environment from pollution and preserving natural resources. Our production processes are carefully designed to minimize any negative impacts on the environment. We utilize green technologies and methods that not only meet industry standards but also go a step further to ensure sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Our Aspirations: Our vision extends beyond current operations. We have ambitious goals for the future. We aim to significantly expand our production capacity to reach an output of 50,000 liters per day. This growth reflects our commitment to providing more customers with high-quality, eco-friendly engine oils and diesel products.

Introducing Lithium Battery Recycling: In addition to expanding our production, we are actively working to introduce recycling of lithium batteries. This initiative aligns with our goal of not only producing environmentally responsible products but also contributing to the circular economy. By recycling lithium batteries, we aim to reduce waste and promote sustainable resource management.

We are dedicated to fostering a greener and more sustainable future. Our efforts are driven by the desire to provide top-quality engine oils and diesel while simultaneously contributing to environmental conservation and the responsible use of natural resources. Our commitment to green technology and eco-friendly practices is at the core of our mission.