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ThRoWS Ltd.

Albert Kwaku Abbeyquaye


Office inside Hotel MANUKOF, along J. B. Danquah Street, Takoradi, Ghana

Our business educates its clients on the importance of waste segregation and provides weekly waste collection services (segregated waste only) to its clients for a fee. Our main segregations at the client level are; plastics, organic, paper, metals and glass, with each client having a separate coloured dustbin for storing the waste. We focus on both urban and rural communities (including coastal areas) While ThRoWS Ltd. will sell the metals, glass and other waste to recycling companies, it will process the organic waste and paper into other products and sell them through third parties. Processing of organic waste will be in the first year and paper waste in the second year. Organic waste will be processed into briquette charcoal, animal feed and organic fertilizer. Part of the Organic fertilizer will be used for production of crops and animal feed will be used for poultry and fish farming.