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W2E Enterprise

Gifty Adwoa Stephens (CEO)

Adieyie, Mile 8, Tarkwa
W2E (Waste to Energy) Enterprise was established in 2018 and officially registered on the 6th of September 2021 as a briquette manufacturing company with a focus on energy efficiency. Our mission is to process biomass, currently using coconut husk, into briquettes to provide sustainable household energy as an eco-friendly alternative to wood fuel or charcoal. Our business is located in Adieyie, Mile 8, Tarkwa, and is a sole proprietorship. W2E Enterprise specializes in the production of high-quality briquettes with exceptional heating value, smokeless properties, and high efficiency. Our target customers include all stakeholders within the charcoal supply chain, mainly rural residents, some urban households, barbecue joints, restaurants, institutions, and wholesale and retail charcoal outlets. In comparison to traditional charcoal, W2E’s briquettes have a longer burning time and incorporate natural ingredients that repel insects. We have actively participated in the Falling Walls Lab Competition in Berlin. Furthermore, we completed a 6-month training program organized by the SNV Green Project, which enabled us to secure a fund of GHC 21,000 to assist with the purchase of briquette manufacturing equipment. We have also successfully completed the Tony Elemelu Foundation Training for Entrepreneurs, securing a grant of $5,000 for initial startup. Our vision is to become one of the well-recognized briquette manufacturing companies not only in Ghana but also across Africa, with a commitment to promoting environmental sustainability. W2E looks forward to being a prominent briquette manufacturing company across Ghana and Africa, dedicated to ensuring a sustainable environment.