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Yvonne Ibiele Anyidoho

Assorko Essaman

Yonell Ventures uses natural plant extract like aloe-vera and lemon for the production of detergents and cleaning items.
They also do product refill for customers to encourage reuse of bottles. The founder is Yvonne Anyidoh. They are located in Tanokrom in the Western Region.

We produce highly quality detergent.

We use root powders , are cautious of the users of our products as well as the environment in which we produce. Our power usage and waste production is mininmised and we are careful about our disposal methods.

Yonell Ventures, based in Tanokrom in the Western Region, is dedicated to producing high-quality detergents and cleaning items using natural plant extracts such as aloe vera and lemon. The founder, Yvonne Anyidoh, is committed to environmentally friendly practices, including product refills to encourage bottle reuse.

Our Focus

We specialize in the production of premium-quality detergents.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Our products are created using natural root powders. We prioritize the well-being of both our customers and the environment in which we operate.
  • We are diligent in minimizing our power consumption and waste production, and we adopt careful disposal methods to reduce our environmental footprint.

Natural Performance

Our products are naturally formulated and offer exceptional performance.

Customer Testimonials

We are proud to share that our customers have experienced improvements in their skin conditions, testifying to the benefits of our products.

Our products are natural in nature and has a high rate of performance.

Customers are testifying about the repair of their skins.